Viktor Pelevin Nina Sadur Aleksei Balabanov Iosif Brodskii

Department of German and Russian Languages and Literatures

University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame, Indiana 46556


Post-Soviet Literature and Culture
Russian 477
Spring 2004
MWF 9:35-10:25
DeBartolo 336

Professor Svetlana Kobets

Office: 302 Decio Hall

Office Hours: MWF 11:30-12:30



In the last two decades Russia has undergone dramatic changes ranging from the crisis of the totalitarian system and disintegration of the Soviet Empire to the rapid development of new trends in literature and culture. We will survey these new trends, with a focus on defining the nature and multiplicity of "Post-Soviet" cultural sensibilities in recent Russian short fiction, essays, poetry, drama, lyrics, and interviews, as well as in pop-culture and film. Topics under consideration will include traditional and new, Post-Soviet and Post-Modern, as well as feminist, émigré, and post-colonial discourses.
Prerequisite: RU 202 or equivalent.
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