University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, Indiana 46556
Advanced Russian II
RU402Sec.01 (3.0 Credit Hours)
MWF 12:50-1:40
Coleman-Morse 330
Professor Svetlana Kobets
Office: 302 Decio Hall
Office Hours: MWF11:40-12:40
Advanced Russian 1 and 2 is a year-long course. It is designed to significantly improve students` comprehension and self-expression skills in Russian, serving as a preparation for Russian literature courses in the original (400-level). The course includes Russian stylistics, syntax and grammar at the advanced level; reading and analysis of a wide range of nineteenth- and twentieth-century Russian texts (including fiction, poetry, interviews, songs, and newspaper materials); writing essays in Russian; and extensive work on vocabulary building and advanced conversation skills. The semester reading assignments included nineteenth-century Russian authors, whereas in the Spring semester we will concentrate on twentieth-century texts. The course will be conducted in Russian. Prerequisite RU 202 or the equivalent.