Instructor: Svitlana Kobets, PhD


Life Institute, The Chang School, 

Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada 

8 Wednesdays, June 3-July 29, 2020 (no class on July 1)

3-5 pm 

Tolstoy’s renown masterpiece, War and Peace (1869) defies straightforward categorization. It is a family novel, a Bildungsroman, a psychological novel as well as a historical novel. In this class we will explore a wide scope of its themes, which embrace the meaning of human existence, family values, one’s spiritual quest, love and selfhood. We will approach this novel through the close reading, which will go parallel to several background mini-lectures presenting the nineteenth-century European and Russian history, Russian culture as well as Tolstoi the artist, religious thinker, and philosopher.

We will read War and Peace in Peaver/Volokhonsky translation (Vintage Classics, 2008). Assignment for the first class: Vol. 1, Part 1, pages 3-111.



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